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RGA Affiliate Programme

The RGA affiliate programme allows non-operators and suppliers to take part in the activity of the RGA. It provides a key networking and information service function and gives those companies and firms on the outside of the operating and software community a chance to participate in a scheme which is specially designed to cater for their needs.

As an affiliate, you will be entitled to:

1) Information generated by the RGA, which is made available to the affiliates on a selective basis, including a weekly monitor composed of selection of accumulated articles from national and trade press;

2) At least two networking and information events with the RGA members that are exclusive to RGA affiliates;

3) A range of discounts off conferences and seminars in the market place;

4) Ability to query information from the RGA affiliates Secretariat on any topical issue related to remote gambling;

5) Other benefits as rolled out by the RGA Secretariat over the year.

The cost of RGA Affiliation is £1,500* pa.

* (2006)