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Aims and objectives

1. To provide an organisation for the benefit and service of British & European remote gambling operators within the betting and gaming industry and to represent the interests of remote gambling operators in both the United Kingdom and those countries in the European Economic Area (EEA).
2. To undertake collective negotiations on behalf of members with appropriate trades’ organisations, employers’ organisations, government bodies, media interests, and other relevant entities.
3. To pursue any method of litigation and where appropriate assist any of its members in litigation against any organisation providing services to or in any other way connected with the UK and European betting and gaming industry and to support any of its members involved in litigation over the right to provide services in EEA member states.
4. To represent, express and give effect to the views and opinions of remote gambling operators and their employees on commercial and mercantile matters of all kinds to Parliament, parliamentary bodies, other EEA national governments, public bodies, regulatory authorities, the Horserace Betting Levy Board (or its successor), suppliers of services to the betting and gaming industry, the media, the public and any other organisations with the ability to effect or influence the remote gambling market.
5. To encourage high standards of probity and integrity within the betting and gaming industry, both for the benefit of its members and the public generally.
6. To encourage social responsibility within the betting and gaming industry, effected through various means including support for charities and initiatives to help those who have gambling problems.
7. To print, publish and circulate any newspapers, magazines, periodicals, books and pamphlets that may further the objects of the Association.
8. To promote, present, obtain, support or oppose any petition to, provisional order of, or Bill in Parliament or similar legislation in any EEA member state, and do, or procure to be done, any proceedings, enterprises, movements or any other form of activity which may tend to promote in any lawful manner the objects of the Association or any of them.
9. To ensure that the UK Government is fully aware of the impact on operators of proposed legislation and regulation of the remote gambling industry.
10. To engage actively with the proposed new Gambling Commission to ensure that the regulation of the remote gambling industry strikes the right balance between the commercial interest of the operator and protection of the young and vulnerable.
11. To promote the right under European law for members located in one EEA member state to freely promote their services in, and accept business from, all other EEA member states.
12. To make representation in the European Commission and European Parliament , as appropriate, through whatever means, to press the case for the free movement of gambling services across Europe.